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Shepherd's Pie Wine Pairings


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Shepherd's Pie pairs well with wines that balance its savory and robust flavors. Recommended wines include Côtes du Roussillon, Chianti Classico, California Zinfandel, and Terrasses du Larzac.

Best wine pairings with Shepherd's Pie

Côtes du Roussillon is a great match for Shepherd's Pie. This wine offers a rich core of dark fruit, which complements the savory meat and vegetables in the pie. The oak adds a touch of spice and structure, balancing the hearty nature of the dish. The bold flavors from the sun-soaked vineyards enhance the robust taste of Shepherd's Pie, making each bite more enjoyable.

Chianti Classico pairs well with Shepherd's Pie. Made from Sangiovese grapes, this wine bursts with red cherry and plum flavors that provide a nice contrast to the savory filling of the pie. The herbal notes and spices in the wine work harmoniously with the herbs often used in the dish. Its balancing acidity cuts through the richness of the mashed potatoes, creating a well-rounded pairing.

California Zinfandel is another excellent choice. This wine's bold, jammy red and black fruit flavors match the hearty and robust profile of Shepherd's Pie. The layers of licorice, black pepper, and spice in the wine enhance the savory elements of the dish. Oak notes of vanilla and mocha add an extra layer of complexity, making the pairing even more satisfying.

A less common pairing for Shepherd's Pie

Terrasses du Larzac offers a less typical but intriguing pairing for Shepherd's Pie. The wine is rich in spicy black plum and blackberry flavors, which complement the meat and vegetables in the pie. Sun-baked herbs and licorice notes match well with the herbs used in the dish. The earthy undertones of the wine add depth to the pairing, making it a unique and enjoyable experience.

What wine goes with Shepherd's Pie?

Shepherd's Pie, a traditional British dish made with ground meat, vegetables, and a mashed potato crust, is rich and hearty. Pairing wines with this dish involves balancing its savory and robust flavors. Côtes du Roussillon provides a rich core of dark fruit and spice, enhancing the dish's flavors. Chianti Classico, with its red cherry and plum notes, adds a contrasting acidity that cuts through the richness. California Zinfandel offers bold, jammy fruit flavors that match the pie's heartiness. For a less common choice, Terrasses du Larzac brings spicy black plum and earthy notes that add depth to the pairing.

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