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Sonoma Chardonnay

World-class Chardonnay from elegant and citrusy to lush and tropical.

Situated in northern California, this diverse coastal region has built a name for itself with its distinct styles of Chardonnay. From fresh and delicate to fruity, creamy, and sumptuous, these Sonoma wines are some of the finest expressions of this popular grape in the world.

Covering 17 miles of mountainous terrain in Northern California, Sonoma is home to incredibly diverse landscapes including rolling hills, verdant valleys, and lush plains. The variety of soils along with abundant sunshine that’s tempered by Sonoma’s famous fogs and sea breezes make it a winemaker’s dream. This ideal environment plus masterful winemaking techniques that bring out the best in Chardonnay turns out wines that are tart and elegant at one end of the scale and layered, oaky, and voluptuous at the other. For the former style look to Los Carneros and Russian River Valley and, for the latter, Alexander Valley won’t disappoint.

Fun Fact: Sonoma has been making reds and whites since the mid-19th century and the legend goes that California winemaking was born here.

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