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Fruity red from the USA, led by ripe red and black cherry with blackcurrant, plum, and chocolate.

Frontenac is an American wine featuring vibrant dark fruit and chocolate hints. Nuanced yet delightfully easy-drinking, this rounded, balanced wine is ideal on its own and served at the dinner table.

One of America’s very own, Frontenac is a hybrid grape that was created in 1978 at the University of Minnesota from the Landot Noir variety and a cold-resistant Vitis Riparia vine. Frontenac grapes, initially cultivated in the state of its birth, have extended their success northward to Quebec's border and are now thriving across the US, especially in New York and Vermont. This hardy grape is tough enough to withstand freezing temperatures, but needs special care in the winery to balance it to perfection. Frontenac is a great red to try if you’re eager to taste the finessed wines that home-grown, American grapes can produce.

Fun Fact: Frontenac grape displays its versatility in a spectrum of wine styles, ranging from dry to sweet, encompassing reds, whites, and rosés, and even lending itself to the production of a Port-style fortified wine!

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