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Amontillado Sherry

Dry Spanish fortified wine with tangy citrus and caramel plus nutty, savory notes.

Amontillado, a dry and nutty fortified Spanish wine, undergoes classic sherry aging techniques, resulting in complex flavors of almonds, hazelnuts, toffee, and a hint of saltiness. Its harmonious profile makes it a versatile and appreciated choice for diverse food pairings.

Sherry production boasts a delightfully complex range of processes that feature in the different styles of this fortified wine. Amontillado is often championed as the truest sherry of all because it undergoes all the production steps associated with this iconic fortified wine, while other styles only see a few. It starts out aging under flor, a layer of yeast that protects its zesty, piquant flavors from oxidation, and finishes with oak maturation that does the opposite to superb effect. This barrel maturation stage can take anywhere from several years to as many decades, resulting in a selection of finessed and pleasingly complex Amontillado styles. 

Fun Fact: Amontillado takes its name from Montilla, Andalusia, Spain, where this sherry style developed during the 18th century.

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