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Ribera del Duero

Deep black fruit and good structure in some of Spain’s finest Tempranillo.

Ribero del Duero situated in northern Spain, produces deeply-colored, dry red wines made from the Tempranillo grape (known here as Tinto Fino or Tinta del Pais). These well-crafted, food-friendly wines are packed with layers of black fruit and boast excellent structure and the ability to age. 

Ribero del Duero is landlocked, encircled by mountains that trap the baking summer heat and block any cooling influence from the sea to the north. As such, this region turns out rich Tempranillo grapes with concentrated fruit whose good tartness is thanks only to the altitude of vineyards and the night-time temperature drop. These are all ingredients for exceptional wine and the local winemakers have made the most of it for years, producing several styles of Ribero del Duero that range from fruity and early drinking to complex wines that can age for up to two decades. In 1982, this region received DO status, a sign of exceptional wines. Indeed, a leading producer from this area supplies wines for events held by the Spanish royal family!

Fun Fact: During a grape harvest in Ribero del Duero in 1972, workers found a 2000-year-old Roman mosaic depicting the wine god, Bacchus, pointing to a wine-making tradition that goes back to ancient times.

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