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Big, powerful Spanish red with peppery dark fruit and dark chocolate notes.

Native to Spain, Monastrell flourishes in the baking hot southwest province of Alicante with Yecla and Jumilla both notable production regions. This hardy black grape loves the sun which it soaks up to produce powerful wines featuring deep, juicy, black fruit with dark chocolate, tobacco, and pleasing meaty hints. Delicious and lip-smacking, Monastrell is an ideal food wine.

Many wine lovers already know Monastrell by its Californian name, Mataro, or its French moniker, Mourvèdre. This grape has all the ingredients for a delicious, food-friendly wine with a lot happening – but without getting too highbrow. Styles from Alicante range from juicy and fruity to wines with more depth depending on how long vintners age them in oak. Tasting notes refer to meaty hints in Monastrell but this shouldn’t put off vegetarians or vegans. It is simply a description of a rich, tasty, saline quality that balances powerful fruit and is found in many of the most robust red wines.

Fun Fact: In addition to the names Mataro and Mourvedre, Monastrell is also called Esparte and Étrangle-Chien. This last name is French for ‘dog strangler’ which, oddly, has something to do with this wine’s super high tannins.

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