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Listan Negro

Spanish wine with red cherry, cranberry, spice, and earthy hints in light and more rounded styles.

Listán Negro presents a distinctive blend of lively red fruit, spicy hints, earthy tones, and even a brush of banana arising from its special production method. Reflecting the unique, volcanic terroir of the region, and made in vibrant, light styles to gently oak-matured expressions, this red is perfect if you’re seeking wines that stand out for their regional character.

Listán Negro is a black-skinned grape native to the Canary Islands, the group of Spanish islands situated off the coast of northwestern Africa. It finds its place in both varietal and blended wines, usually in reds but rosé expressions are also not uncommon. A distinct winemaking method called “carbonic maceration” results in flavors reminiscent of bananas, spice, and red berry. However, when aged in oak barrels, it can yield more rounded expressions in soft, medium-weight wines that feature hints of the volcanic terrain of the Canaries. If you like exploring indigenous grapes, put Listán Negro on your bucket list!

Fun Fact: Fact: Listán Negro also grows in Peru where it’s called Negra Peruana and used for the production of the brandy, Pisco.

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