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South African Shiraz

Spicy dark fruit red ranging from elegant and peppery to big and chocolatey.

Shiraz (aka Syrah) is found all over South Africa’s Cape in a potpourri of styles from refined, savory, and peppery wines in cooler areas to bold, meaty, and chocolatey in hotter climates. With a heart of spicy dark fruit across all styles, this food-friendly red is a must-try for fans of this variety.

Crafted the length and breadth of the Western Cape, South African Shiraz reflects the vast diversity of soils, temperatures, skilled and adventurous winemaking methods, and all those other good things that go into a worthy wine. For a classic, savory, peppery style reminiscent of the benchmark Northern Rhône look to Stellenbosch and Paarl while if big Shiraz with generous fruit is your thing, check out baking hot areas like Robertson and Swartland. South African Shiraz is famous for appearing as a fine single-grape wine but it also leads in blends with a splash of other black and white grapes.

Fun Fact: Shiraz is one of the most widely planted black grape varieties in South Africa coming second only after Cabernet Sauvignon

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