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Rainwater Madeira

A refreshing style of the famous Portuguese Madeira wine with citrus, nut, caramel, and florals.

The poetically-named Rainwater Madeira, fresher than typical Madeira, features delicate flavors of nut, caramel, and citrus, and balancing tartness in a smooth texture. Versatile and vibrant, it offers a unique twist on traditional Madeira wines and is perfect as an aperitif or paired with light dishes.

Produced on the island of Madeira located off the coast of Portugal, Rainwater Madeira boasts several quirky origin stories. Its name, possibly inspired by its fresh character or the island's rainwater, adds intrigue. One tale goes that some barrels destined for America in the 19th century waiting for shipment on the beach were watered down by overnight rains, creating a lighter style that ended up being much loved across the Atlantic! Crafted from Tinta Negra Mole or Verdelho grapes, Rainwater Madeira undergoes fermentation, fortification, and aging with the unique “estufagem” or “canteiro” methods. The former sees the wine aging with gentle heating in stainless steel tanks to accelerate maturation while, in the latter approach, the wine barrels are stored in warm attics, exposing the wine to natural heat. With either approach, the result is a dessert wine balanced by fresh acidity with delicate flavors, suitable for diverse pairings.

Fun Fact: Rainwater Madeira, like all Madeiras, can age exceptionally well, with examples from its 19th century heyday still preserved today.

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