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Dry, full-bodied reds made from a host of Portuguese grapes.

This old wine-producing valley in northern Portugal is home to a selection of black grapes with the indigenous Touriga Nacional the highest quality and best known. Five leading varieties go into typical Douro red blends resulting in powerful, richly fruity, and structured wines that are natural partners with a range of cuisine.

The Douro is renowned for its production of Port, the concentrated, fortified wine with a good splash of alcohol! That said, this old wine region has always produced still reds from the same grapes that go into a bottle of Ruby or Tawny. Also called Tinto Douro (Red Douro), fruit for wines comes from terraced slopes that line the Douro River. While Douro experiences a range of weather conditions that vary along the valley and throughout the year, overall it’s a warm region, a condition that accounts for the rich grapes that are packed into a bottle of Tinto. Vines benefit from the flaky ‘schist’ soils that enable roots to dig deep for water – a necessity during the hot, dry growing season.

Fun Fact: Douro is the world’s oldest official wine region and has UNESCO World Heritage status for its vinho production.

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