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Rich dark fruit, cocoa, and spice in quality, food-friendly dry reds from Portugal.

Located across eight sub-regions in central and southern Portugal, Alentejo is a rising-star region known mostly for its concentrated red blends made from local grapes. These wines feature blueberry, plum, violet, and dark chocolate running the gamut of elegant styles from cool areas to reds with layers of generous fruit from hotter areas. Versatile and delicious, Alentejo reds are ideal for the dinner table.

Notably, Alentejo is home to different micro-climates allowing production of a range of wine styles. The northern reaches are cool and wet and turn out restrained red wines while the warmer drier south is renowned for deep, rich styles. In addition to local black grapes, international varieties Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon grow here, adding fragrance and structure to blend wines.

Fun Fact: Aragonês is the famous Spanish grape Tempranillo by another name.

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