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Citrus, orchard, and stone fruit, and florals feature in classic dry white produced in range of styles across Italy.

Vermentino flourishes in sun-soaked areas of Italy with the regions Sardinia and Tuscany producing especially distinguished styles. Fresh lemon, lime, and grapefruit plus tart green apple are the trademark flavors of this lively white wine highlighted by a brush of florals and an edge of almond. Stone fruit also appears in some styles which range from light and easy-drinking to layered, oaked wines with a rich texture. 

Some of the most renowned Vermentinos hail from the Tuscan coast and the Italian island of Sardinia located in the Tyrhennhian Sea. The former turns out wines with lavish fruit thanks to the sunshine and special winery techniques that provide depth and complexity. In the latter, this grape has the honor of its own appellation (wine speak for a prestigious category) known as Vermentino di Sardegna. Look out for one of the finest expressions of this grape, also from Sardinia, labeled Vermentino di Gallura.

Fun Fact: In other parts of Italy, Vermentino is known as Favorita and Pigato while in France it’s called Rolle.

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