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Popular dry white Italian wine with citrus and green orchard fruit, florals, and herbaceous notes.

Trebbiano is an international white grape that thrives in Italy appearing in a plethora of everyday table wines in standalone styles and blends. Crisp and fresh, this white has green apple, citrus, and a brush of peach as well as a smattering of Italian herbs. It pairs perfectly with lighter dishes and is refreshing on its own.

Without getting too technical, Trebbiano is, in fact, the umbrella name for a group of white grapes some of which are closely related or at least have similar characteristics. The best-known and highest-quality names are Trebbiano Abruzzese and Trebbiano Toscana with the former displaying stone fruit and the latter lighter citrus notes. Trebbiano grows most widely in south and central Italy with Tuscany, Umbria, Abruzzo, and Campania notable regions. 

Fun Fact: As well as being a leading white wine grape, Trebbiano is also important in the production of balsamic vinegar and brandy.

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