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Full-bodied, aromatic white wine from Piedmont in northwest Italy, with peach, apricot, pineapple, melon, and a balancing vibrant tartness.

Timorasso is an ancient Piedmont grape that can produce a youthful white with intense florals, stone and tropical fruit, as well as an oak-matured style, where it develops complex layers of rich flavors. Full-bodied and balanced with a lively wash of acidity, Timorasso is at home on the dinner table and solo.

Timorasso is an age-old southeast Piedmontese grape that very nearly became extinct. In the 1980s, the efforts of leading vignerons to carefully revive it very literally saved its skin! The endeavors of these winemakers have paid off because today this white grape is one of the highlights of the region’s lesser-known range of varieties, and is versatile enough to be enjoyed fresh out of the bottle or after a few years in the cellar. The structured wines with their good tartness, higher alcohol, and plush fruit, are not about winemaking techniques but due to this unique grape’s natural features. This expressive wine is increasingly gaining attention leading to efforts to establish its own appellation or legally protected production area under its local moniker “Derthona". There's even some Timorasso is labled with this name today.

Fun Fact: Alongside wine production, Timorasso features in the making of a local pomace brandy grappa.

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