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Marsala Dolce

Sweet Marsala wine from Sicily with fig, dried fruit, hazelnut, honey, and spice, perfect for pairing with desserts.

Marsala Dolce is a sweet fortified wine from the Italian island of Sicily, featuring fresh and spicy dried fruit, nutty notes, and sweet tones. It’s famously used in cooking but is also enjoyed as a dessert wine, ideal for sipping after a meal or pairing with cheese or dried fruits.

After decades of low-quality Marsala flooding the market and being, first-and-foremost associated with cooking, new production laws in the 1980s have helped this rich, fortified wine show signs of a slow revival as being worthy of sipping again. Marsala can be crafted from ten grape varieties, with Sicilian favorite, Catarratto leading the way. This fortified wine is categorized into five styles according to aging, ranging from “Fine” for one year and “Vergine/Solera Stravecchio” for a decade. Color and sugar content are also indicated with Oro, Ambra, and Rubino for hue, and Secco, Semisecco, and Dolce for sugar levels. As the sweetest Marsala, the nutty, fruity dolce style balanced by lively tartness is perfect with rich desserts or on its own after dinner.

Fun Fact: At the turn of the 19th century, the powerhouse British Navy under Admiral Nelson were among the biggest fans and customers of Marsala.

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