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Greco di Tufo

Crisp Italian white with green apple, passion fruit, apricot, and honey plus white florals.

Greco di Tufo, named after the namesake main town of this wine area, flourishes in the sun-soaked southern Italian region of Campania. The valleys and plains of this landscape result in diverse expressions of this classic white. Greco di Tufo can be fresh and early drinking or oak aged and richly-textured but always has a heart of lively orchard and exotic fruit plus herby, honey notes, and good, balancing tartness.

Greco di Tufo sounds like it arrived with the Ancient Greeks when they took over parts of southern Italy way back when, but the jury is out when it comes to the origins of this prestigious Campania white grape. Grapes are grown at a higher altitude to preserve freshness in this Mediterranean area, nourished by volcanic soils called Tufo, with which they share a name. This wine has earned the highest classification in the Italian wine hierarchy and, as such, only a handful of villages can lay claim to producing Greco di Tufo. The best hail from Avellino in central Campania.

Fun Fact: The Greco grape family covers a range of white and black grapes that are all related. Greco di Tufo is one of the most well-known.

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