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Southern Italian dry white with generous citrus florals, stone fruit, and almond hints.

A flagship white from Campania in southern Italy, Falanghina soaks up the abundant sunshine and turns out wines that have a concentrated core of soft white orchard and stone fruit lifted by zesty citrus. Threaded with a gentle layer of spice and notes of almond this is an enjoyable wine sipped on its own or partnered with a range of dishes.

Legend goes that Falanghina was the grape behind Falernian, the most venerated wine in Ancient Rome. Falanghina’s fortunes faltered for a fair few centuries but since the early 2000s, it’s been making a comeback after years of being under the wine radar. While a little grows outside Campania in other parts of southern Italy, there are no international plantings making it something of a vino specialty for the region. Ambitious vintners determined to tease out the qualities that made this a favorite of their mighty ancestors produce both blends and sweet styles. However, it’s the dry stand-alone Falanghina wines that are garnering fans a mile a minute!

Fun Fact: Falanghina is a blend of at least two sub-varieties of this grape named Falanghina Flegrea and Falanghina Beneventana.

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