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Tangy, light and easy-drinking, dry red wine from northeast Italy.

Valpolicella is light with tart red fruit and good acidity making it ideal chilled for a summer’s day. Its main grape is the indigenous Corvina and the wine itself is named after a region in northeast Italy where its vineyards flourish. There are two quality grades of Valpolicella, each showing a slightly different personality. 

Valpolicella is an eternally popular fresh and delicate red from the Veneto region of Italy made from the native Corvina grape. There are two types of Valpolicella: one is from the plains of Veneto and the second from the historic Classico wine-producing center. The former is less refined than the latter which is made from superior grapes and has a better balance of fruit, tartness, and a touch of almond. Valpolicella is the most delicate of several styles of wines made from Corvina blends in this region. Part of its beauty is its great value and the fact you can enjoy it right away.

Fun Fact: The first recorded mention of Corvina was in the 17th century.

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