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Deeply colored, lively, fresh red wine from mountainous northeast Italy bursting with spicy black cherry, blackberry, herby notes, and chocolate hints.

Native to the Trentino region located among northern Italy’s mountains, this ancient grape turns out beautifully balanced, soft red wines featuring dark fruit, notes of chocolate, and an appealing lift of fresh tartness. 

Teroldego goes back a long way, with grape experts recently discovering that it is related to Syrah, Lagrein, and possibly even Pinot Noir. Mostly planted in Italy's northeastern reaches, this variety also grows in Veneto, Tuscany, and Sicily where it appears in blends and varietal wines. Teroldego has also spread to New World regions like California, Australia, and Brazil. It’s admired for its soft, rounded, deeply fruity wines with vibrant acidity and, while most Teroldego is produced for drinking young, some styles can age and evolve for up to a decade. A classic, lesser-known, northern Italian wine, Teroldego offers something different for adventurous wine lovers.

Fun Fact: Teroldego was a favorite across Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries when it was nicknamed “Golden Tryol”.

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