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Deeply colored, tart Italian red with dark fruit, dried herbs, florals, and a gentle wash of espresso.

Refosco is an ancient family of black grapes found across northeast Italy whose members display rich cherry, plum, and spice with a brush of violet and a peppery, almond finish. There's a good range of styles, with easy-drinking wines and fruity to rich and spicy reds. A deep wine with good tartness and a pleasing slightly bitter edge, Refosco is ideal paired with roasted dishes. Unusually for a dry red, it also has the fruitiness to make it a good match for recipes with a touch of spice.

Refosco is an old sprawling grape family that existed long before Italy drew up its modern borders which explains why it’s also found in neighboring Slovenia and Croatia. Researchers have identified six main varieties from the ‘Refoschi’ family, with Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso regarded as the premium type. If you’re looking for a finessed example of Refosco, wines from the stellar ‘Peduncolo’ grape are found in Colli Orientali in the prestigious northeastern region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia.

Fun Fact: Experts have identified genetic links between the Refosco grape and one of the more famous and very popular varieties of northeast Italy, Valpolicella.

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