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Fragrant, tart red fruit, and a powerful structure from a premium grape.

The star grape of Piemonte in northwest Italy, Nebbiolo produces a range of wines across this prestigious region. From fresh, aromatic, red fruit styles to layered, complex, structured expressions, fans of this grape will find plenty to enjoy.

There’s more to Nebbiolo than Barolo and Barbaresco – much as we love them! Outside the super-strict production restrictions of these famous wine areas, Nebbiolo appears in a range of notable wines that reflect unique environments and winemaking. Close to Barolo and Barbaresco, Alba turns out a style that could pass for that of its esteemed neighbors but tannins are softer and it’s kinder on the wallet! Nearby Roero produces fruity, elegant Nebbiolo that you can enjoy relatively young. Langhe winemakers cover a wide area (that happens to include the top two luminary wines) but this name indicates styles that have the freedom to blend Nebbiolo with other grapes or make a finessed stand-alone style. Further north and creeping over into neighboring Lombardy, Valtellina boasts a delicate, floral dry style with a firm but gentle structure as well as a sweet Nebbiolo wine. All of these Nebbiolos have lower price tags than the two world-famous styles and show fascinatingly different expressions of this expressive grape. so they're worth exploring!

Fun Fact: Nebbiolo is a parent grape to black grape Freisa and a grandparent to white grape Arneis – both important Piemonte varieties.

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