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Well-built dry red Italian wine with sumptuous dark fruit, violet notes, and hints of black pepper.

A native grape of Alto Adige, Italy’s northernmost wine region found in the Alp’s foothills, Lagrein is a powerful red wine featuring layers of dark berry fruits, plum, and black cherry. With a pleasing brush of black pepper and soft hints of violet, this robust red is best enjoyed with hearty dishes that can stand up to its muscle.

In an area best known for its unique white wines, Lagrein stands out as an elegant, quality red, and with its depth and power, this wine is often likened to Cabernet Sauvignon. Famously tannic, the most important task for winemakers has been to temper this characteristic with special winery methods to turn out smooth, balanced wines. Usually produced as a single-grape wine (called varietal), Lagrein also appears in blends with other local and international varieties. 

Fun Fact: Mystery abounds around Lagrein’s origins. Some researchers claim it’s similar to wines that used to be made in Greece while other think this black grape is related to Alto Adige varieties.

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