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Deeply-colored, robust wine from northwest Italy featuring blackcurrant, blueberry, blackberry, spice, and earthy herbaceous notes.

Fumin, cultivated in northwest Italy, has evolved from a local blending grape to a standout variety that’s quickly gaining traction on its own merit. Its gently smoky wines burst with dark berry fruit, earthy notes, and herby hints in rounded, a seamlessly-balanced wine that’s satisfying enjoyed on its own and paired with food.

If it hadn’t been for a handful of dedicated producers in Italy’s Aosta Valley, Fumin would have faced obscurity as a blending variety, and even possible extinction. Thankfully for lovers of concentrated, elegant red wines with just the right amount of complexity, this grape was brought back from the brink. Today it has starring role in the elegant styles that are becoming increasingly well-known in the wine-lover community. Winemakers love it too. Its resilient character makes it ideal for the lofty, alpine regions where it grows easily, shunning disease and frost in northwest Italy and, to a lesser extent, Switzerland. Food-friendly, rich, and refined, Fumin has established itself in the category of lesser-known grape varieties that offer exciting new tasting experiences for red wine lovers.

Fun Fact: Fumin gets its name from the delicate smoky aroma that features in its wines.

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