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Etna Rosso

Finessed red wine with dark fruit and herbs that comes from an active Sicilian volcano.

One of the Italian island of Sicily’s most prestigious red wines, Etna Rosso is known for its elegance, fragrant red fruit, and dried herbs. Made from indigenous grapes Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Capuccio, vines grow at high altitudes on the slopes of the volcano, Mount Etna, which adds minerality.

Fresh, vibrant red fruit, good acidity, finely-grained tannins, and the potential to age well have all made Etna Rosso’s popularity unstoppable! This red has power and finesse in equal parts making it both enjoyable to drink and entrancing. Hailing from the slopes of an active volcano, most Etna Rosso comes from old vines which results in high-quality grapes. Considering it’s a great gastronomic wine and is from one of Sicily’s top regions, Etna Rosso is amazingly good value.

Fun Fact: Etna Rosso is quickly developing a reputation as ‘the Burgundy of the Mediterranean’.

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