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Supple, black fruit-rich, gastronomic wine from Piemonte, Italy.

Dolcetto is one of the main black grapes of the prestigious Piemonte region in northwest Italy. This deeply-colored red boasts black fruit, violet, a tart hint, and a firm structure making it an ideal wine for the dinner table.

Dolcetto sometimes gets overlooked in favor of its prestigious Piemonte neighbors Barolo and Barbaresco. This is a travesty of wine justice as it’s worth seeking out for its lively black fruit, good yet gentle grip in the mouth, and easy drinkability. It’s also great value so offers a way into a top-tier wine region without hurting the wallet. The majority of Dolcetto is made with a short shelf life of around three years. However, a handful of producers turn out age-worthy styles. Look out for Dolcetto D’Alba DOC to try one of this grape’s most highly-esteemed expressions.

Fun Fact: Dolcetto means ‘little sweet one’ but, ironically, most wines from this grape are dry with very few sweet styles produced!

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