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Chianti Classico

Popular spicy, fruity Tuscan red with plenty to offer tastebuds and the dinner table.

Made from Sangiovese, the most famous grape in Tuscany, Italy, Chianti Classico bursts with red cherry, plum, distinct herbal notes, spice, balancing acidity, and earthy hints. It’s a famously food-friendly wine that's also pleasing in a glass on its own.

Chianti has come a long way since its wicker-basket days when, fairly or unfairly, it didn’t have the status among wine lovers it enjoys today. Strict regional and production classifications have resulted in a range of fine Chiantis that offer a pleasing red for all taste buds and budgets. Chianti Classico is a superior style that proudly comes from the original historical heart of Sangiovese country. Its elevated vineyards mean high acidity and refined aromas and flavors but without breaking the bank. No wonder Chianti Classico is so popular.

Fun Fact: Chianti Classico wines proudly bear a trademark black rooster (Gallo Nero) on their labels in memory of a complicated medieval duel between the young bloods of Florentine and Sienna over wine country. The Florentines won!

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