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Vibrant red offering a great intro to Italy’s Piemonte wine region.

Barbera is an Italian red wine with deliciously sour red and black fruit made in a refreshing youthful style and an oak-aged expression. Layered and complex, it’s a great gastronomic wine and the perfect introduction to Italy’s Piemonte region.

A native of the esteemed Piemonte region in the northwest, Barbera used to be one of the country’s most-planted grapes. Lately, there’s been a focus on quality over quantity, especially on its home turf. It’s got all the ingredients for a great wine with vibrant fruit, good acidity, hints of herbs and spice when aged, and soft tannins. It’s often unfairly overshadowed by fellow Piemonte grapes Nebbiolo and Dolcetto. However, Barbera’s just as interesting and often easier on the wallet so is a great place to start when exploring the legendary Piemonte region. Barbera d’Alba DOC, Barbera d’Asti DOCG, and Nizza DOCG are its top wines.

Fun Fact: Barbera has at least 20 other names!

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