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Prestigious, luxuriant dessert wine from Hungary featuring apricot, candied citrus, florals, ginger, spice, honey, and marzipan lifted by a refreshing wash of balancing tartness.

Arguably Hungary’s most famous export, Tokaj hails from the namesake region in the northeast of the country. This amber-colored, elegant, aromatic sweet wine has won hearts around the world for its honeyed stone and citrus fruit, pleasing velvety viscous texture, and vibrant acidity. 

Dessert wine royalty, Tojkaj production dates to the 16th century led by a blend of the local tart, fresh Furmint grape, plus Harslevelu and Sárga Muskotály, otherwise known as Muscat Blanc. Tokaj is produced from grapes affected by noble rot, a special fungus that thrives in humid yet sunny conditions, concentrating sugars, flavors, and acidity. It even adds a hint of its own pleasing, funky flavor to this rich, complex, age-worthy wine. To choose the perfect noble rot grapes, harvest is a lengthy affair done by hand, with several meticulous passes through the vineyards. There are different sweetness levels to Tokaj measured in “Puttonyos” with "Szamorodni" at the bottom of the scale and the extraordinarily rare "Essencia" at the top. Oak aging adds sweet and spicy notes to this much-admired sweet wine that’s a perfect match with desserts and spicy nibbles, or on its own.

Fun Fact: Tokaji has traditionally been sought after by royalty with the likes of Peter the Great, King Louis XIV, and Catherine the Great just a few customers.

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