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Fresh, white Hungarian wine with honey, florals, apple, lemon, spice, and a touch of smoky minerality.

A departure from its supporting role in sweet wine production, Hárslevelű is dry a food-friendly wine boasting spicy honeyed tones, orchard fruit, citrus fruit, and floral aromas with a brush of smoky minerality and vibrant tartness.

The name "Hárslevelű," translating to "linden leaf" in Hungarian, nods to the wine's distinctive herbal, honeyed linden-like aromas as it matures. Hárslevelű, alongside Furmint, dominates approximately 90% of the Tokaji region’s vineyards and, while production of this sweet wine remains its epicenter, Hárslevelű dry wine styles showcase a robust, herbaceous, honeyed, smoky profile. Modern winemaking techniques, including barrel aging and flor maturation (akin to Sherry or Jura's Vin Jaune), are increasingly embraced. Ideal for wine lovers seeking a rare expression of Hárslevelű, this wine offers the perfect balance of complexity and drinkability.

Fun Fact: Depending on where it grows, Hárslevelű goes by a host of poetic-sounding names like Lindenblattrige, Lipovina, Feuille de Tilleul or Frunaza de Tei.

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