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Fragrantly floral Greek wine with citrus and orchard fruit plus a touch of spice and almond.

Moschofilero bursts with floral aromas of rose petals, citrus blossom, violets, and jasmine all balanced by tart lemon, apple, pear, and peach, and a touch of spice. Delicately sweet, this Greek white is perfect for spicy finger food or in a refreshing glass on its own.  

Moschofilero is an ancient grape variety grown in the wine-producing Peloponnese region in Greece. It’s by far the most popular for winemaking from a sprawling family of related grapes. Moschofilero usually appears in fresh, fruit-forward styles but it also sometimes ages in barrel and on its yeast for added texture. It also appears in blends and sparkling wines. The area most well-known for Moschofilero production is Mantinia.

Fun Fact: A grape of many names, Moschofilero is also known as Fileri Trigoleos, Phileri Tripoleos, and Moscofilero.

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