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Powerful, spicy red Greek wine with black plum, blackberry, raspberry, and black pepper notes.

Grown all over Greece but producing its most acclaimed wines in the south, this expressive red wine explodes with layers of spicy black fruit, bold tannins, and lively, balancing tartness. 

Often hailed as Greece’s flagship red grape, Agiorgitiko finds its finest expressions in Nemea, in the sprawling Peloponnese region found at the southern tip of the country. This variety excels in both youthful and mature styles with intense, fresh, red fruit featuring in the former and spicy complexity a signature quality of the latter. Greek winemakers make a point of using a range of both local and imported woods alongside traditional oak to enhance aged Agiorgitiko, teasing out firm yet soft tannins and chocolate notes. An all-rounder grape, this variety also makes fragrant rosés as well as dessert wines, but its accessible, fruit-forward red styles have put Agiorgitiko on the map.

Fun Fact: Nemea, the home of Agiorgitiko, is the largest Greek wine appellation, covering around 2,000 hectares.

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