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Germany Pinot Noir

Concentrated spicy red fruit with light earthy notes.

First things first: in Germany, Pinot Noir is called Spätburgunder but it’s the same grape. Growing in some of the country’s finest wine regions, styles range from fruity and mid-weight to rich, sun-kissed, oak-aged reds with intense fruit and layers of mushroom and woodland notes. 

Pinot Noir is the third most widely-planted grape in Germany, flourishing in the more southerly (bit still relatively cool) vineyards of regions like Pfalz and Baden. The higher temperatures and bright sunlight in these spots bring out concentrated dark fruit that creates rich, rounded styles of this wine. Notably, most German Pinot Noir is enjoyed within the country and very little finds its way to the US. If you're a fan of this grape and come across a bottle, don't pass it up!

Fun Fact: Spätburgunder translates as ‘late Burgundy’ in reference to the slow ripening characteristics of this grape in German vineyards and its origin in France.

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