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German red with vibrant blackberry, black cherry, baking spice, and dark chocolate in a balanced wine with refreshing tartness.

A delightful red German wine with lively black fruit and floral hints that appears in fresh youthful and mature, deep styles with spice and hints of dark chocolate. This wine's tartness and harmonious structure enhance its appeal, making it a versatile and enjoyable choice for a range of occasions.

Developed in 1956 through the crossing of the Helfensteiner and Heroldrebe grape varieties, Dornfelder is one of the newer additions to the vast German wine grape landscape. Its lineage, tracing back to other crossings, encompasses nearly every red wine grape cultivated in Germany! Today, it ranks as the second most extensively planted red grape variety in the country. Dornfelder was traditionally used as a secondary variety in blends to deepen the color of the red wines. These days, while it’s still used in blended wines, it’s gaining traction as a varietal wine, enjoyed for its deep, dark fruit, floral characteristics, and balance. It says a lot about the attraction of this versatile and wallet-friendly wine that it appeals to a wide spectrum of wine enthusiasts, from casual sippers to discerning German red wine connoisseurs.

Fun Fact: Dornfelder is a traveler! It thrives in England, where it's both blended with Pinot Noir and stands alone as a single-variety red or rosé wine. Across the Atlantic in America, it flourishes on both coasts in the Finger Lakes, Sta. Rita Hills, and Lodi AVAs.

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