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Orange Riesling

An aromatic, textured white wine with a golden hue, orange notes, florals, dried apricot, honey, and white pepper.

Orange Riesling is a rare wine made from one of the wine world’s most versatile varieties, displaying fragrant citrus, dried fruit, spicy, peppery hints, and honeyed notes. Ranging from light and citrusy to rich and layered, there’s an Orange Riesling for every taste.

The term “Orange” in the world of wine often spirits up the idea of a wine exclusively featuring the flavors of the citrus fruit. In fact, it refers to the amber color of the wine, a result of white grapes undergoing red wine vinification techniques. Grapes destined for red wine are fermented on their skins in an important stage called “maceration” which teases out color, aromas, and flavors while white wine skips this step. Not in Orange wines though! In an ancient technique that hails from Georgia in Europe that’s seeing a significant revival, white grapes see maceration time that bring out deep color, a rich texture, and rich flavors. Aromatic, tart Riesling is suited to this style, offering a new expression of a grape variety that’s much admired by wine producers and oenophiles around the world.

Fun Fact: One of Riesling’s standout features is its high acidity, making it versatile enough to be successfully produced in very dry to lusciously sweet and, now, Orange styles.

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