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Distinct, robust red wine from Georgia in eastern Europe, featuring black plum, blackberry, herb, florals, clove, and earthy notes.

One of eastern Europe’s best-kept secrets, Georgian Saperavi boasts bold dark fruit flavors, spicy notes, and earthy undertones. With age, it develops complex hints of smoke, tobacco, and leather, culminating in a robust and memorable wine experience. A must-try for red wine lovers who can’t get enough of lesser-known grape varieties.

By name, by nature, Saperavi, pronounced "sah-per-ra-vee," translates to "color" or "dye" and its inky purple hue lives up to its moniker. In fact, it’s so deeply colored that some Georgian wineries label it as “black” rather than red wine! This red grape variety is native to Georgia, renowned for producing full-bodied wines with intense flavors and robust tannins. With origins dating back thousands of years, Saperavi is deeply ingrained in Georgian winemaking culture and is increasingly gaining recognition on the international stage (its production has even reached the shores of America, Australia, and New Zealand). The wines crafted from Saperavi grapes often showcase dark fruit, spice, earth, and finessed leathery, smoky notes when oak aged. Saperavi's rich history and distinctive profile make it an exciting choice for wine lovers seeking bold, distinctive red wines that often fly under the radar.

Fun Fact: Saperavi is one of a handful of grapes known as “teinturier”. This means its flesh is red-tinted rather than pale green, resulting in an effortlessly richly-colored wine.

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