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White Côtes du Rhône

Ample juicy fruit, florals, honey, and hints of new hay in a rich white blend from France.

The best wines labeled White (Blanc) Côtes du Rhône burst with ripe lemon, mandarin orange, candied stone fruit, and pineapple with tones of honey, white florals, and fragrant hay. A Mediterranean climate in southeast France means a collection of local grapes ripen easily and fully resulting in a plush, mellow, food-friendly blend with a good drop of alcohol.

Côtes du Rhône spreads out across the southern Rhône Valley and accounts for a huge quantity of wine production in this area. While well-made and approachable, wines labeled Côtes du Rhône don't garner the heady acclaim of famous Rhône Valley spots like Hermitage or Châteauneuf-du-Pape. Also, the whites from this area traditionally form a much smaller part of production than reds. That said, what Côtes du Rhône white blends lack in volume and worldwide prestige, these opulent wines make up for in good value and the versatility to suit many tastes and occasions.

Fun Fact: Archaeologists have found evidence that suggests millennia ago, the Rhône was important for the ancient Etruscans as a wine trading route long before it became a production area under the Greeks and Romans.

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