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White Côte de Beaune

Complex nutty, orchard fruit, crème-da-la-crème Chardonnay from iconic region.

Côte de Beaune in eastern France’s Burgundy region is made from Chardonnay with the area widely regarded as the world mecca for white wines produced from this grape. These masterfully-made whites feature citrus and yellow apple with light buttery notes plus oak aging adds complex layers of hazelnut and truffle. Côte de Beaune has good tartness and has famously rich minerality or vibrancy. High-end with a price tag to match, every Chardonnay lover owes it to themselves to try Côte de Beaune at least once!

The Côte de Beaune wine area is part of the prestigious Côte d’Or region located in northern Burgundy and is world-renowned for its classic Chardonnays. These encompass village-level wines with fine grapes coming from multiple plots and world-renowned Grand Cru (top-tier!) like Montrachet with fruit grown in select vineyards. Centuries of working with Chardonnay have given local vintner families profound knowledge of this grape and they’ve developed vineyard and winery techniques to skillfully tease out its best features. Winemakers around the world have traditionally looked to Burgundy as a touchstone for their own Chardonnays. For great quality and value, keep an eye open for 'Hautes-Côtes de Beaune' on the label.

Fun Fact: Chardonnay is the most widely planted white grape variety in the world appearing in stand-alone wines and blends in a plethora of styles.

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