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White Bordeaux

White blends with fresh fruit and cut grass aromas in easy-drinking and complex styles.

Often overshadowed by its acclaimed red cousins from the same region in southwest France, White Bordeaux encompasses a selection of fresh blends led by Sauvignon Blanc with its telltale cut-grass notes. From dry to sweet, vibrant day-to-day table wines to prestigious oak-aged styles, this enjoyable variety of white blends is worth exploring.

You could say White Bordeaux is one of the wine world’s best-kept secrets. A long-lauded duo of grapes, tart and grassy Sauvignon Blanc and honeyed Semillon, appear in classic, food-friendly blends across the breadth and depth of this region. Floral, grapey Muscadelle is sometimes added to the mix for fragrance, in particular in well-known dessert wines like Sauternes. Lively citrus and green fruit feature in early-drinking styles with oak-aged wines displaying complex layers of waxy honey and toast. Lees stirring (gentle mixing of yeast and wine) adds depth and texture to mature wines. White Bordeaux runs the gamut of price points with wallet-friendly easy-drinking wines and top-tier, cellar-worthy styles. Entry point blends offer a great ‘in’ to this celebrated wine region!

Fun Fact: World-renowned today for its red blends, Bordeaux was in fact a stronghold for white wines until as recently as the 1960s.

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