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Lively French Sauvignon Blanc featuring lime, apple, grapefruit, gooseberry, and distinctive flinty tones.

Pouilly Fumé, hailing from the eponymous appellation in the Loire Valley, is a benchmark expression of Sauvignon Blanc, with fresh citrus and orchard fruit plus smoky flinty notes that add a pleasing and unmistakably local signature to this popular grape variety. 

Until the second half of the 19th century, light red wine grapes were widely planted in Pouilly Fumé. However, after these vines were devastated by a vine disease, Sauvignon Blanc became the main grape – and the region hasn’t looked back. This terroir-expressive varietal thrives in the local soils with limestone and the famous flint contributing to its elegant, layered profile. Styles meant for immediate drinking display fresh citrus and orchard fruit with herbaceous notes and smoky tones (in French, fumé means smoked). Some producers have also introduced oak into production which leaves more complex textures and flavors. Both styles are ideal enjoyed solo or with a range of cuisines.

Fun Fact: In 1980s California, the visionary vigneron Robert Mondavi crafted a smoky style of Sauvignon Blanc named "Fumé Blanc". This white wine was inspired by Pouilly-Fumé.

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