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A Northern Rhône white blend with citrus, florals, lifting minerality, and a uniquely waxy texture.

Made from the Marsanne and Roussanne grapes in France’s eminent Northern Rhône, this dry white blend is a match made in heaven. Each variety contributes qualities the other lacks resulting in a rich wine with fragrant fruit, balancing tartness, and a pleasing signature viscous texture. This wine appears in young, fruity styles and mature, nutty expressions. 

Marsanne and Roussanne demonstrate the adage that opposites attract. The former is hardy in the vineyard while the latter needs special care. Marsanne makes structured, waxy-textured, full wines with good tartness that enables elegant aging, but lacks flavor depth. Roussanne is short on muscle but has plenty of aromas and flavors plus good tartness. Together, they create a blend that’s much admired and unique to the Northern Rhône with an enjoyable waxen feel in the mouth enhanced by citrus and white flowers. That said, the Marsanne-Roussanne combo has traveled beyond France’s shores to wine regions in California and Australia. This versatile wine had great drinkability when young and fresh as well as delicious mature, when it develops layered, complex, quince and notes of nuts.  

Fun Fact: Local wine law permits a portion of Marsanne and Roussanne in much of this region’s top Syrah wines.

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