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Easy-drinking French white blend with generous citrus, yellow fruit, nutty notes, and honey.

Luberon is located in southeast France with its vineyards scattered throughout a pretty national park area. It’s renowned for its blends with its white wine composed of a potpourri of grapes that display lemon, grapefruit, peach, and pear and, with age, layers of toast, nuts, and honey. Luberon is a great addition to the dinner table paired with fish, charcuterie, and soft cheeses.

Luberon is between the Rhône and Provence regions and shows reflections of each in its wines, both stylistically and with its grape varieties. It enjoys a Mediterranean climate tempered by long cool nights which enables cultivation of ripe, balanced grapes for its whites, reds, and rosés. This region offers a good variety of wines at different price points offering something for everyone.

Fun Fact: While vines have existed in Luberon since Ancient Roman times, the region didn’t get serious about investing in its winemaking until the turn of the 19th century. This turn of events have made it the distinctive region it is today.

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