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Loire Sauvignon Blanc

Iconic, lively French wine with tart green apple and fresh citrus.

The Loire Valley, in north-central France, is one of the world’s benchmark regions for Sauvignon Blanc with its style emulated around the globe. In a glass of this fresh white wine, you’ll find orchard fruit and zesty citrus, herbal hints, and a clear vibrancy plus appealing smoky notes.

While Sauvignon Blanc grows across the Loire, the two stand-out areas for this popular white are Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé, both in the region’s cool eastern end. Both spots are rich in flinty soils which is responsible for the appealing lightly smoky notes that can appear in the Sauvignon Blanc from these parts. This feature inspired California wine mogul Robert Mondavi who created a similar style with toasty oak aging called Fumé Blanc. In the Loire, oak is sometimes used in the winery to add depth and texture but the wine's fruit is always at the forefront.

Fun Fact: The name Sauvignon Blanc roughly translates as ‘wild white’, a reflection of this grape vine’s tendency to grow vigorously.

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