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Loire Chenin Blanc

Premium and delicious fruit-rich white in dry and sweet styles.

Star of the Loire valley in France, Chenin Blanc has the versatility to produce dry, oaky whites, luscious sweet wines, and all the delicious variations in between. Across all styles is a fruity depth that ranges from fresh orchard to tropical as well as a good acidity that enables complex aging. There’s a Chenin Blanc for all occasions and wallets!

You could say that Chenin Blanc was made for the Loire Valley. It thrives in the varied soils and altitudes found across the heart of this iconic region in Anjou-Saumur and, in particular, Vouvray in Touraine. Cooler climates give rise to prestigious crisp, dry whites and wetter areas turn out rich sweet styles. The latter is a result of controlled spoiling of the fruit on the vines which results in such delicious flavors, the process has earned the name noble rot! A vibrant tartness in all wines balances the layers of fruit and promotes finessed aging in wines that can develop for years. Keep an eye open for premium regions like Savennières for its complex dry styles and Coteaux du Layon for its esteemed dessert wines.

Fun Fact: Chenin Blanc can ripen unevenly with tart and raisined grapes appearing in a single bunch.

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