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Aromatic dry white blend with generous stone fruit, citrus, and florals.

Located in the Southern Rhône, Lirac produces its namesake white wine from a blend of fruity grapes led by Bourboulenc, Clairette, Grenache Blanc, and Roussanne. Easy drinking and vibrant, this elegant wine boasts soft layers of ripe citrus, peach, and honeysuckle with a gentle tart lift making it perfect for seafood dishes.

Lirac is situated in the southernmost reaches of the Rhône Valley with a diversity of soils and a Mediterranean climate that support a broad array of black and white grapes. It’s a region known for its fine blend wines which have strict rules about the quantity of grapes allowed in both reds and whites. Vintners focus on the fruity profile of Lirac white blends so oak use is not a given in the winery. When wines do see oak, it’s to enrich texture, with resting on lees (yeast) sometimes undertaken for the same reason.

Fun Fact: Wine from Lirac could be regarded as launching the Côte du Rhône classification system. In 1737, the French king decreed that casks of wine from this region should be stamped with the letters CDR to certify their origin.

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