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Crisp, French white wine with vibrant acidity, refreshing green apple, pear, lemon, and newly-cut grass.

Jacquère is a fresh alpine wine from eastern France, offering lively citrus and orchard fruit plus appealing herbaceous notes in a uniquely regional expression. This wine is ideal as an aperitif or served with a range of light dishes.

Jacquère, a white grape variety cultivated in Savoie, a region located between Burgundy in eastern France and the Swiss Alps, produces highly esteemed wines prized for their freshness. Predominantly grown under Mont Granier, Jacquère thrives in the Vin de Savoie appellation (regional wine classification), typically comprising 80% of the wine, with other white varieties like Aligoté and Chardonnay also permitted to fill the remainder. Despite this allowance, many wines are made entirely from Jacquère. Fans of refreshing, clean, finessed, and characterful white wines will be in heaven with Jacquère with its high acidity, freshly-cut grass, green apple, and pear. This wine is best enjoyed young to preserve its clean minerality and lively citrus palate.

Fun Fact: Savoie white wines used to have a poor reputation on account of lacking in character, but Jacquère has helped spearhead a rise in the region's reputation.

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