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Burgundy Chardonnay

Gold standard Chardonnay from fresh, easy-drinking to full, complex styles.

In Burgundy the birthplace of Chardonnay in eastern France, you find a wide range of quality whites. Ranging from light-bodied, citrusy expressions made for immediate enjoyment to premium, layered, oak-aged, styles, Burgundy Chardonnay offers a delightful smorgasbord of experiences for fans of this grape.

Burgundy Chardonnay is one of the wine world’s icons and for good reason. Meticulous vintners have been making white wine in these parts for centuries, often passing properties – and knowledge – down through the generations. Burgundian winemakers invented and perfected the fine Chardonnay production techniques that international producers follow to the letter today and they’re not prone to rest on their laurels. There are several tiers of Burgundy Chardonnay production ranging from regional wines made from a blend of fruit to select whites crafted from the highest-quality grapes grown in tiny, walled vineyards. This results in a vast array of choice with something for all tastes and budgets.

Fun Fact: The Chardonnay grape takes its name from a village in southern Burgundy.

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