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Rich French dessert wine featuring luscious honey, dried apricot, delicate florals, and fresh tartness.

Bonnezeaux, an esteemed, age-worthy sweet white wine from the namesake village in France’s acclaimed Loire Valley, displays opulent dried stone fruit, florals, and honey with vibrant, balancing acidity. Available at several price points, this wine offers something very special at a range of budgets.

Bonnezeaux dessert wines are a result of noble rot, a beneficial fungus enhancing sweetness and flavor in grapes for winemaking. The vineyards thrive in sandy shale soils under a stable climate with Atlantic influences, ensuring optimal ripening conditions. Grapes undergo successive passes in the vineyard where only the ripest and most noble rot-affected grapes are harvested, ensuring the best wine. Made exclusively from Chenin Blanc, locally known as Pineau de la Loire, Bonnezeaux is regarded as one of the finest dessert wines in France. With its honeyed dried fruit and tart character, this dessert wine is ideal on its own or paired with dessert and blue cheeses. 

Fun Fact: The name "Bonnezeaux," is believed to have originated from the Latin "Bonus Aquae," meaning "good waters," reflecting the area's reputation for producing exceptional sweet wines.

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