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Alsace Pinot Blanc

Zesty light French white with fresh pear, peach, spice, and a note of almond.

Pinot Blanc thrives in the sandy plains of northeast France’s Alsace region where it’s used in for both still and sparkling wine production. Refreshing, and easy-drinking, Pinot Blanc has vibrant orchard and stone fruit, hints of almond plus a brush of spice. It’s an ideal accompaniment for light dishes or as an aperitif.

Pinot Blanc originally hails from Burgundy in eastern France but has found a spiritual home in the Alsace where it grows abundantly on the fertile valley floors adjacent to the Rhine River. It’s a key grape in the region’s sparkling wine Crémant d’ Alsace as well as still wines. 

Fun Fact: Pinot Blanc is part of the sprawling Pinot Noir family.

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