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Marsannay Rosé

Juicy French rosé wine with strawberry, raspberry, grapefruit and chalky undertones, lifted by vibrant tartness.

Marsannay Rosé comes from the prestigious Burgundy wine region in France. Made from Pinot Noir and Gamay, this zesty, food-friendly wine is packed with red fruit, citrus, stone fruit, and mineral notes in a pleasing structure, washed through with fresh acidity.

Marsannay is the only commune in Burgundy that produces wines in red, white, and rosé styles. For the latter, the style is made through two different methods. This can be by pressing the fruit to extract colors and flavors, or soaking the wine on the skins (maceration). To preserve the fruit flavors, wines are often vinified in stainless steel but can be matured, in classic Burgundy style, in oak. This adds to an appealing touch of tannic structure to an otherwise fresh and fruity wine. For rosé lovers looking to taste the classics, Marsannay Rosé is an ideal addition to their "to-try" list.

Fun Fact: Into French wine labels? Marsannay is the only rosé in Burgundy produced under the notable “Villages” label. All other wines in this style in this region appear under the more general heading “Bourgogne”.

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