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Deep, layered rosé wine with intense red and stone fruit, fragrant florals, and savory dried herbs.

Pretty Provence in the south of France is the home of a potpourri of delightful rosé wine styles with Bandol being one of the most complex and concentrated. Led by the powerhouse Mourvèdre grape variety, this wine boasts concentrated layers of ripe raspberry, red plum, cherry, and fleshy stone fruit plus blood orange and marmalade. This heart of fruit is underlaid by Provençal herbs, bitter dark chocolate, and savory hints. Unusually for rosé wines, some Bandol styles can evolve after bottling displaying more depth and intensity. This wine is delicious paired with a range of herby grilled fish, meat, and vegetable dishes.

Bandol, both a small town and district is the only commune in Provence that’s famed for its reds. Its rosé wines have also won a place for themselves alongside the huge variety of styles this region is famous for. The on-tap sunshine and warmth during a long growing season plus low heat-trap coastal mountains result in perfectly ripened Mourvèdre grapes that deliver rich fruit. The tartness that’s ideal for rosé wine production is helped by harvesting grapes from higher-altitude vineyards along with balancing breezes from the nearby Mediterranean Sea.

Fun Fact: Across world wine regions, Mourvèdre is also known as Mataro and Monastrell.

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